• Exceptionally pure, remarkably versatile
    exceptionally pure,
    remarkably versatile  
  • four unique grain sizes, perfect for any application
    four unique grain sizes,   
    perfect for any application   

Why Choose Ultra Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt has been well known and prized for years as a versatile and economical at-home product with uses ranging from gardening to bathing to home cleaning. It is important to note however, that all Epsom salt brands are not equal in quality, usability and versatility.

Ultra Epsom® Salt is considered the purest, highest quality, and most functional Epsom salt available. Delicate filtration processes are utilized to ensure an end product with no perceptible impurities that dissolves quickly and easily. Ultra Epsom Salt is the #1 brand for the highest quality therapeutic-grade Epsom salt. Learn More...

Ultra Epsom Grain Sizes

Fine Grain Ultra Epsom Salt Fine Grain
(0.3 - 1 mm)

facial exfoliant, lotions, water solution for gardening, foot scrubs
Medium Grain Ultra Epsom Salt Medium Grain
(1 - 3 mm)

foot soak, bath salt, exfoliating soap, bath teas, tile cleaner
Coarse Grain Ultra Epsom Salt Coarse Grain
(3 - 4 mm)

bath salts, salt potpourri, pedicure soaks, first-aid solution, lawn care
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