Benefits & Uses of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has been well known and prized for years as a versatile and economical at-home product with uses ranging from gardening to bathing to home cleaning. It is important to note however, that all Epsom salt brands are not equal in quality, usability, and versatility. Ultra Epsom® salt is considered the purest, highest quality, and most functional Epsom salt available. Delicate filtration processes are utilized to ensure an end product with no perceptible impurities that dissolves quickly and easily. Ultra Epsom salt is the #1 brand for the highest quality therapeutic-grade Epsom salt.

Bathing & Spa Use

Bathing with Ultra Epsom has a number of healing benefits which make the bath both relaxing and therapeutic. The mineral composition of magnesium sulfate absorbs into your skin, replenishing mineral deficiencies and delivering much needed revitalization for body and mind. Among many other benefits, Ultra Epsom is known for detoxifying (including heavy metals), relieving muscle pain, and reducing stress—making it an ideal salt for healing both body and mind. Our selection of grain sizes makes Ultra Epsom the ideal selection for any number of spa applications, from body scrubs and pedicure soaks to bath teas and exfoliating soaps. Read on for more information on the benefits of bathing with Epsom salt.


Just as the mineral composition of Ultra Epsom Salt benefits us holistically, it can also improve our gardens, lawns, and trees! Magnesium sulfate is an essential nutrient to fertile soil. Ultra Epsom replenishes these crucial minerals, giving the soil a “boost” that results in vibrant flowers, bountiful harvest, and lush green lawns. Perfect for the organic, natural garden.

For the Home

Extremely versatile, Ultra Epsom salt can be used for household cleaning, minor aches and pains, and general home improvement. With its endless possibilities, you can promote wellness, health, beauty, even gardening and home with one product—SaltWorks® Ultra Epsom Salt. A world of benefits awaits!