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Ultra Epsom Salt

Ultra Epsom®, the highest quality Epsom salt available, is raising industry standards for premium therapeutic Epsom salt at affordable prices. Ultra Epsom is custom formulated exclusively for SaltWorks®. Intensely mineral-rich, Ultra Epsom is composed of the finest magnesium sulfate available. Offered in three different grain sizes and bulk and wholesale quantities, Ultra Epsom is perfectly designed to complement any application. Ultra Epsom brand is a SaltWorks exclusive.


Characteristics: Translucent Crystals, USP Grade, Maximum Purity, High Mineral Content, Top Quality
Uses:Bath Salts, Gardening, Home Use
Grades Available: Fine (0.3-1mm), Medium (1-3mm), Coarse (3-4mm)
Bulk Packaging Available: 5 lb., 25 lb., 50 lb. Bags, Pallets, Ocean Containers

Grain Size Chart

Fine Grain Ultra Epsom Salt Fine Grain
(0.3 - 1 mm)
  • facial exfoliant
  • bath salt
  • salt water spritzer
  • household cleaning
  • water solution for gardening
  • foot scrubs
  • hand soap
Dissolving readily & easily, fine grain is the perfect size for adding with water, creating a solution quickly available for a variety of purposes. It is the ideal size for using during exfoliating and for scrubs at home, and makes a great quick-dissolving bath soak as well. Try using as a scrub for cleaning grout & tile.
Medium Grain Ultra Epsom Salt Medium Grain
(1 - 3 mm)
  • foot soak
  • bath salt
  • exfoliating soap
  • bath teas
  • tile cleaner
  • garden booster
  • floatation tank
A perfect "in between size," medium grain is wonderful for a variety of applications. Medium grain dissolves more quickly than coarse grain, and contains more texture than fine grain Ultra Epsom. Try this size in a foot soak—the warm water will allow even distribution and is known to relieve tired aching feet as well as odor & swelling from sprains.
Coarse Grain Ultra Epsom Salt Coarse Grain
(3 - 4 mm)
  • bath salts
  • salt potpourri
  • bath teas
  • pedicure soaks
  • hair masques
  • arts & crafts projects
  • lawn care
Coarse grain Ultra Epsom makes a very attractive bath salt for soaking, as the grain size is more visible and aesthetically pleasing. Can easily be colored and scented for a thoughtful gift or as a retail product. The shape and size has been found to be wonderfully consistent, making this size excellent for a variety of applications.