Why Choose Ultra Epsom?

Epsom salt has been well known and prized for years as a versatile and economical at-home product with uses ranging from gardening to bathing to home cleaning. It is important to note however, that all Epsom salt brands are not equal in quality, usability, and versatility. Ultra Epsom® salt is considered the purest, highest quality, and most functional Epsom salt available. Delicate filtration processes are utilized to ensure an end product with no perceptible impurities that dissolves quickly and easily. Ultra Epsom salt is the #1 brand for the highest quality therapeutic-grade Epsom salt.

Highest Pharmaceutical Grade

Epsom salts have different grades which indicate their level of quality for various purposes. Unlike many of the brands you may see at the drugstore, Ultra Epsom is the highest pharmaceutical grade possible—USP Grade—indicating that it is a salt created specifically and safely for therapeutic purposes. Ultra Epsom has the beneficial mineral content you can count on for garden, home, and therapeutic use.

Variety of Sizes

Ultra Epsom was specifically formulated for SaltWorks in four different grain sizes, making it the most versatile Epsom salt available for a variety of applications. Bath and body product manufacturers and individuals alike enjoy Ultra Epsom extra fine and fine grain for exfoliating scrubs, as well as everyday use in the garden. Medium grain is ideal for deeply relaxing manicure and pedicure soaks, and relieving Athlete's foot. Coarse grain is perfect for full body baths, creating bath salt blends, and is also recognized for being an incredible muscle relaxer that will make you feel completely at ease.


Ultra Epsom is well known for being highly functional, and can be used for many different purposes and in a variety of creative ways. From manufacturing to home use, knowing that you are purchasing the highest grade Epsom salt available means you can feel secure in using it for your garden, your pets, your home, your family, and your health. The possibilities are endless. Let Ultra Epsom nourish your life.

Ultra Epsom is a superior Epsom salt product formulated in the highest pharmaceutical grade, available in a variety of grain sizes, and is the optimal choice for a number of functional uses. Make the switch from ordinary Epsom salt to Ultra Epsom salt and enjoy the benefits and advantages of using only the finest quality Epsom salt available—Ultra Epsom.